History of Kazakhstan and natural science disciplines

Berdalieva Akmaral Makulovna

Head of the Department, сandidate of аgricultural sciences, Associate Professor, phone number: 8 (701) 429-42-11, akmaral-20.68@mail.ru, city of Shymkent, Batusynov street, 80A 

The department trains highly qualified, competitive specialists in the specialties 5B011300, 6B01503-Biology; 5B011200, 6B01502-Chemistry; 6B01505-Chemistry and Biology; 5B060800, 6B05201 — Ecology, Bachelor.

The department employs highly qualified specialists. The teaching staff consists of 1 Doctor of Sciences, 10 candidates of Sciences, 8 masters of senior teachers.

5b011300, 6B01503-Biology; 5B011200, 6B01502-Chemistry; 6B01505-Chemistry and Biology; 5B060800, 6B05201 — Ecology specialized classrooms and laboratories are equipped for mastering the professional curriculum of higher education and improving the quality of education with the use of innovative pedagogical technologies in the educational process. Laboratories «anatomy and physiology of humans and animals»,»Zoology»,» Chemistry»,»Chemistry teaching methods»,»Ecology»,»Methods of teaching biology»,» Biology» are used for the benefit of students.

The department has clubs «Young biologist», «Young chemist», «Young ecologist» and «Nature». According to the “Taza Kala” program, work is being carried out on the formation of a healthy lifestyle.

Аты-жөні ҚызметіҒылыми дәрежесі
 6В01503 — Биология  
1Бердалиева А.М.кафедра меңгерушісік.с.-х.н.
2Байбеков Е.профессорд.с.-х.н.
3Айтбаев Н.Е.аға оқытушык.б.н, д.с.-х.н.
4Ескараев Н.М.аға оқытушык.б.н
5Исабаева А.А.аға оқытушык.с.-х.н
6Сапарова Ж.И.аға оқытушык.с.-х.н
7Кылышбаева Г.Б.аға оқытушык.с.-х.н
8Муминова К.Ш.аға оқытушык.б.н
9Кадирова У.Ж.аға оқытушы 
10Тулешова А.Т.аға оқытушы 
11Алмаханқызы Р.аға оқытушы 
12Салимова С.А.оқытушы 
6В01502 — (5В011200) Химия 
1Жаналиева Р.Н.профессорк.х.н
2Бердалиева А.М.кафедра меңгерушісі 
3Кабылбаева А.А.аға оқытушы 
4Бердібекова С.А.оқытушы 
5Унгарбаева А.С.аға оқытушы 
6Жаркинбеков М.А.аға оқытушы 
6В05201 — (5В060800) Экология
1Айтбаев Н.Е.аға оқытушык.б.н., д.с.-х.н
2Ескараев Н.М.аға оқытушык.б.н.
3Умирзакова А.А.аға оқытушы 
4Абилдосова А.А.  
5Мейірбеков А.А.  
 6В01601 -Тарих  
1Утепбергенова К.Ж.аға оқытушыт.ғ.к.
2Абдраймов Е.Б.аға оқытушыс.ғ.к.
3Дүйсекова А.Т.аға оқытушыт.ғ.к.
4Орынбаев М.О.аға оқытушыф.ғ.к.
5Байназарова Б.А.аға оқытушыт.ғ.к.
6Төлеген Ұ.Ш.аға оқытушы 
7Сабденова А.С.аға оқытушымагистр
8Токжигитова М.А.аға оқытушымагистр
9Әсен З.Ш.оқытушымагистр
10Көлбай Ә.Р.оқытушымагистр
11Мурзабаева Г.К.оқытушымагистр
12Сапарова Н. Т. аға оқытушымагистр
1Абдраймов Е.Б.аға оқытушыс.ғ.к.
2Арыстанова К.О.аға оқытушыа.ш..ғ.к.

The purpose and objectives of cultural and educational activities:

Awareness of the self-importance of the issue not only of education, but also of education at the stage of formation of market relations;
In a developed society, a young specialist should possess advanced science, cultural samples, and art. First of all, the spiritual human world, native language, traditions and customs, non-standard equipment and nourishes, and this can only be in the root zhayganda. Therefore, it is necessary to instill in students deep knowledge in education, to understand a serious word;
One of the ways to properly organize the educational process is to stimulate the acquisition of knowledge, i.e. instilling students’ cognitive interest, adaptation to the independent search for creative activity;
Explaining to young people that in modern social conditions they have a great responsibility for their future;
Formation of the student’s social self-education situation;
Prevention of the occurrence of various negative forms of behavior, primarily, such as the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, as well as the use of psychoactive substances, due to a psychoemotional state under the influence of stressful situations that are intensively and continuously increasing every day and cannot tolerate it;
To teach young people a new form of discipline, to show effective ways of developing stereotypes of healthy behavior, capable of responsible, effective building of their own lives independently;
Formation of spiritual and moral principles of future pedagogical specialists;
The main task of teachers, mentors of the group is to lead a spiritual life to a wonderful one.

The content of the cultural and educational event:

Organizational arrangements
Civic and patriotic education
Legal education
Events of interethnic cooperation, religious tolerance
Spiritual and moral education
Support of youth initiatives and creative activities
Activities to attract students to mass sports and promote a healthy lifestyle
Activities for the professional education of students.
Events to provide charitable assistance to orphans, semi-orphans, students from low-income and large families


In order to develop international integration, expressing mutual interest in joint scientific and educational activities, the Department of Chemistry, Biology and Ecology fruitfully cooperates with the following universities:
1. Chichik State Pedagogical Institute (Chichik).
2. Bukhara State University
3. Belarusian State Technological University
4. Bashkir State University
5. Perm State University of Humanities and Pedagogy
6. National Research Technological University «MISIS»

7. Tajik Pedagogical Institute (Penjikent)

8. Belarusian State University

9. Nukus State Pedagogical Institute (Uzbekistan).
10. Chirchik State Pedagogical Institute (Uzbekistan).

11. Research Institute of Mechanics of Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia)

12.Shymkent University
13. JSC «National Center for Advanced Training «Orleu».