Head of the Department of Education: Dina Balabekova Burkitbayevna.

The Central Asian Innovation University is one of the international universities that have completely switched to the modern system of training specialists of the two-stage «bachelor’s-master’s degree».

Training of specialists in the educational program in the magistracy is carried out by scientific and pedagogical-with a period of study of 2 years and in the profile direction-with a period of study of 1.5 years; 1 year.

The scientific and pedagogical direction of the magistracy provides training with in-depth scientific and pedagogical training for higher educational institutions and the research sector.

The profile type of the master’s degree prepares personnel with in-depth education for production and the corresponding fields of specialties. A master’s student not only receives theoretical knowledge to obtain a diploma, but also takes an internship and defends a master’s thesis.

Undergraduates of the Central Asian Innovation University, within the framework of the university’s extensive international relations, have the opportunity to study and train at universities and research centers.

Currently, the university admits masters in 7 specialties, trains personnel:

7M01301 — Pedagogy and methods of primary education;
7M01501 — Chemistry;
7M01502 — Biology;
7M01701 — Kazakh language and literature;
7M01702 — Foreign language:two foreign languages;
7M02102 — Design;
7M04101 — Economy .

Admission rules:

Applications for admission to the master’s program of the university are accepted from July 3 to July 31.
Entrance exams to the Master’s degree — from August 10 to August 20, enrollment- from August 28.

Persons entering the master’s program-submit the following documents to the university:
an application addressed to the head of the organization in which the city is established, passing the entrance exam in a foreign language and comprehensive testing in the profile master’s program with training in English;
a copy of the document on higher education;
a copy of the test certificate (if available);
a personal personnel record sheet and a document confirming work activity (for persons with work experience);
Six photos measuring 3×4 centimeters;
Medical certificate in form 086-U (fluorography is mandatory);
a copy of the identity card;
scientific and methodological works (if available).

2. The entrance exam to the Master’s degree in a foreign language and comprehensive testing for obtaining an education in a specialized master’s degree with English as the language of instruction is conducted by the National Testing Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter — NTC).

3. Entrance exams in the specialty are taken at the university itself.

Address: Shymkent, Baitursynova str., 80, office No. 211


Methodologist of the Department of Education:
Address: Shymkent, Baitursynova str., 80, office No. 211