Trust box

Dear listeners!
Since November 2023 on the university’s website A “Trust Box” of the club of mediators and lawyers has been organized.
If you need legal assistance and the help of a mediator, if there are misunderstandings in your family or around you, you can leave a request anonymously in our online mailbox.
Every student is a part of our University, we value and are proud of you.
Therefore, we invite all listeners to our club “Tatulasu” to solve all questions and problems.
You can go to the website www.САIU.EDU .KZ and open the “Trust Box” page, enter your avn username, password and leave your wishes and suggestions.
To ask for help or support, or just to chat, write an appeal to .
What is a “Trust Box”, how to use it and how to get an answer?
If you are concerned about any problem related to friendship, family relations, communication at the University, relationships with teachers – this information is for you, write to us!
If for some reason you cannot or do not want to come up and talk personally about what is bothering you, you can write to the mail .
Terms of use
1. Write, stating the essence of the problem that bothers you, a letter to the post office
2. Confidentiality – for our part, we promise to respect the confidentiality (secrecy) of correspondence.
If you wish, you don’t have to sign it. Then your request will be anonymous, i.e. without a signature.
You can write a phone number or an e-mail address that can be used to contact you
1. Voluntary – the parties may, if desired, come to the meeting only on a voluntary basis

2. Honesty – only reliable information is accepted.

Tatulasu University Club.