6B01101 Pedagogy and psychology
6B01201 Preschool education and upbringing
6B01301 Pedagogy and methods of primary education
6B01401 Training of primary military training teachers
6B01403 Professorial training
6B01404 Physical culture and sports
6B01405 Music education
6B01409 Art work and design
6B01501 Computer science teacher training
6B01502 Chemistry
6B01503 Biology
6B01504 Geography
6B01505 Chemistry-Biology
6B01507 Physics-Computer Science
6B01508 Geography-History
6B01509 Mathematics
6B01512 Mathematics and Information and Communication technologies
6B01601 History
6B01702 Training of teachers of Russian language and literature
6B01704 Kazakh language and literature
6B01706 Russian language and literature in schools with a non-Russian language of instruction
6B01705 Foreign language: two foreign languages
6B02101 Fashion, Interior design and Industrial design
6B02103 Design
6B02301 Translation Business
6B04105 Economy
6B04106 Accounting and auditing
6B04107 Finance
6B04132 State and local government
6B04201 Law
6B04202 Customs
6B04203 Law
6B05201 Ecology
6B06102 Information systems
6B06103 Computer engineering and software
6B06104 Computer science
6B06106 Computer Science
6B07501 Standardization and certification (by industry)
6B11102 Tourism
6B11104 Restaurant and hotel business
6B01511 Computer Science and Robotics
7М01301 Pedagogy and methods of primary education
7М01501 Chemistry
7М01502 Biology
7М01503 Mathematics
7М01504 Computer science
7М01701 Kazakh language and literature
7М01702 Foreign language: two foreign languages
7М01703 Russian language and literature
7М02102 Design
7М04101 Economy