A memo
on the settlement of students in the hostel
1. To get a place in the dormitory, first of all you need to submit an application to the deans or by e-link ( /).
2. Accommodation in a four-bed student room for 2 students.
3.Due to the pandemic that is happening all over the world, students should know how to avoid coronavirus infection.
3.1. Wearing masks and changing every 2 hours.
3.2. Frequent use of antiseptic.
3.3. Keeping the distance.
3.4. Regular hand washing.
3.5. Do not visit crowded places.
4. Every student living in a dormitory is obliged to fully comply with the requirements specified in the internal rules of the dormitory. In case of violation of the requirements specified in the rules, the student is evicted from the dormitory, and in case of damage to furniture and other tangible property, an act is drawn up with the recovery of material damage in full.
5. Sanitary and epidemiological measures must be observed in the dormitory:
5.1. Carry out wet cleaning of the premises twice a day with the use of chlorine-containing or disinfecting agents.
5.2. Frequent ventilation of each room.
5.3. The use of quartz in every room.

Submission of an online application for accommodation in a hostel