Information about the work carried out by the Association of graduates of the Mardan Saparbayev Institute
The Association of Graduates of the Mardan Saparbayev Institute is a self-governing voluntary public association of graduates of this Institute, based on membership and created to achieve cultural, educational, scientific, managerial and other goals and realize common interests. The Association provides assistance to graduates of the Mardan Saparbayev Institute, creating opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation between graduates and the Institute, and helps strengthen the university’s position in the educational services market.
The legal form of the Association is a public organization. The Association was created without any time limit for its activity. The Association operates in the Turkestan region, attracting graduates living in various regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad.
Members of the Association are:
— graduates of the Mardan Saparbayev Institute;
— a graduate who teaches at the Mardan Saparbayev Institute;
— employees of departments and departments of the Mardan Saparbayev Institute.
The regulations on the Association of Graduates of the Mardan Saparbayev Institute were approved by the Academic Council of the University on 31.08.2018.
The Association’s areas of work are as follows:
• Creating conditions for harmonious, creative development of young people, forming a socially active personality, a competitive specialist with strategic thinking and modern management skills.
• Organization of the educational process for mastering the knowledge of related additional specialties, management skills and organization of cultural, mass and public work, promotion of employment and adaptation of young people in the labor market.
* Conducting research aimed at studying the current problems of youth, career development and employment.
• Implementation of international cooperation with youth organizations in the field of education, consulting, research and information, as well as on employment and employment issues. * Ensuring interaction between employers and the university on the training and employment of young professionals.
The Department of Monitoring and Quality Control, together with the departments, holds a job fair for graduates every year.

In the 2018-2019 academic year, various master classes, round tables and meetings were held at the faculties within the framework of the Mardan Saparbayev Institute Alumni Association.
Graduates of the specialty Jurisprudence B. Tynybekov (Chairman of the Sairam district Court of Turkestan region), M. Duysenbekova (head of the Department of Justice for the Abay district of Shymkent) D. Botan (head of the Department of Justice for the Enbekshi district of Shymkent) participate in the development of the MOE (model of the educational program) , QED (catalog of elective disciplines), are also experts of the MOE, heads of production and pre-graduate practice from production.
On October 24, 2018, at the Department of Jurisprudence with the participation of the Chairman of the Sairam District Court of Turkestan region, B.Tynybekov held a seminar on: «Modern changes in the judicial system» for students of 2-3 courses of specialty 5B030100 — «Jurisprudence». On March 12, 2019, with the participation of the head of the Department of Justice of the Abay district of Shymkent, M. Duysenbekova, a round table was held on the topic: «Preparing young people for public service» with 3-4 year students of the specialty 5B030100 «Jurisprudence».
At the Department of «Primary Military Training and Physical Culture», together with a graduate of the institute — director of the school-gymnasium No. 45 in Shymkent, Iskanderova Ramil Ravkatovna, Educational programs and curricula in the discipline «Physical Culture and Sport» were developed and coordinated, with the teacher of the NVP Secondary School No. 43, a graduate of the Mardan Saparbayev Institute, Lieutenant Colonel Isaev Talgat Mamynzhanovich in the specialty «Primary military training. Graduates of Iskanderova Ramilya Ravkatovna, director of gymnasium No. 45, Isaev Talgat Mamynzhanovich, teacher of NVP secondary school No. 43, Kenzhesariev Asan, head teacher of educational work of secondary school No. 81 in Shymkent, Duysenov Amanzhol, head of the circle «Zhas Ulan» of the Palace of Schoolchildren in Shymkent were invited to the open day. Joint drill competitions were held among secondary school students of the city, the competition «Young Drummer».
At the Department of Philology, training of specialists in the Kazakh language and literature, a foreign language: two foreign languages begins on September 1, 2002. Until today, several generations of graduates have graduated from the Institute. Currently, our graduates work in the fields of education and journalism, administrative and cultural spheres. Graduates of the Institute actively participate in the life of the Young Writer Club, created at the Department of Philology. In particular, with the participation of graduates, round tables, literary evenings, discussions on topical issues of society and literature and art are held.