The aim of the CAIU Alumni Association is to become the main link between the University and its graduates, to involve them in the implementation of the mission, vision and strategic goals of the University. To unite the creative and intellectual potential of graduates for the development and prosperity of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the development of mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

Our mission:
The mission of the Association is to rally like—minded people around themselves – people who cherish the ideals and traditions of the university, for whom the walls of the university will forever remain a symbol of professionalism, morality and education.
To rally CAIU graduates to preserve and promote the value of education, culture and traditions of the university

Our goals:
The main objectives of the Association are:
— association of graduates;
— wide dissemination of information about the university, its traditions,
history and current situation;
— realization of intellectual potential, maintenance of cultural,
creative and business relations of graduates with the university;
— creation of a professional community of graduates that promotes
effective communication among graduates and students
of the university, as well as assistance in their professional growth;
— increasing the prestige of the university by promoting the career
of graduates;
— preservation and development of alumni ties with the university and with each other;
— wide participation of graduates in the implementation of university development projects;
— using the experience and capabilities of graduates for the implementation
of educational, research and social projects,
related to the university’s development strategy;

— promoting the preservation and development of the best traditions of the university;
— strengthening the corporate spirit among students and graduates
of the university of all generations, cohesion and social promotion
of graduates, their self-realization.
Our tasks
are collecting information on university graduates, forming and
constantly updating the database;
— keep in touch with graduates;
— to involve the Association in the life and activities of the university;
— assistance in employment, organization of industrial
practice of graduates;
— coordination and implementation of mutual interests of employers,
state and local authorities, educational
institutions, public organizations with the university;
— informing graduates about news and up-to-date information about
the university;
— organization of graduates’ participation in events held
by the university, including the organization of a job fair;
— conclusion of joint mutually beneficial agreements with organizations
under the supervision of university graduates;
— maintaining and strengthening educational, scientific and industrial relations
with enterprises, organizations where members of the association work.
The Alumni Association interacts on the one hand with all
structural divisions of the university, on the other hand with
organizations where members of the Association work.