Subject Olympiad on the topic “Qualified youth of new Kazakhstan”

In order to bring Kazakhstan to the world level, the education system must be at a competitive high level. It is the responsibility of every teacher to recognize the student in the educational process as a subject, perceive him as an individual, direct him to creative work, create favorable conditions for the development of the abilities of gifted students.
Currently, a lot of work is being done to improve the talent of students. Among them, olipiads in scientific disciplines are especially important among students.
Subject Olympiads are the only form of testing the level of knowledge of students in the form of competitions.
In this regard, the Department of” history of Kazakhstan and natural science disciplines”organized a subject Olympiad among students of educational programs 6B01508-” Geography-History”, 6B01505-” Chemistry-Biology “on the topic” qualified youth of New Kazakhstan”. The purpose of the Olympiad is to stimulate the educational and cognitive abilities of students, deepen their subject knowledge, develop interest in science, develop creative abilities, develop selection and preparation for participation in regional and regional Olympiads;
The Olympiad was divided into 2 stages. The first stage is test tasks, the second stage is writing an essay on the topic “my profession is my pride”. All students showed high results. The winners of the Olympiad were awarded with special diplomas and prizes. The Diploma of the 1st degree was awarded to student 6b01505-“Chemistry-Biology” M. Orynbay and student 6b01508-“Geography-History” G. Abdumanap.
According to the results of the Olympiad, students who excel in each subject will be selected, a team will be formed to participate in the city and Republican subject Olympiad, and preparatory work will be organized for the upcoming stages.

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