Guest lecture of PhD doctors  University of Putra Malaysia

From October 5 to 6 of this year, the Central Asian Innovation University received PhD doctors from one of the leading universities in Malaysia, Putra University Malaysia, within the framework of international and scientific cooperation  Siti Mazlin Mustap Kamal and Alifdolino Bin Sulaiman.  It should be noted that this university is among the top 200 leading universities in the world according to the QS rating.  Our guests are well-known experts in the field of technology, ecology of food production, food safety, processing of agricultural products, taking into account modern environmental safety requirements. According to the program of the visit, the guests held lectures on the course “Chemical Technology”, “Biochemistry”, Microbiology”, “Nutrition Physiology” for students of the 2,3-th course and undergraduates of 1,2 courses in OP: 6B01502 – “Chemistry”, OP 6B01503 – “Biology”, OP 6B01505 “Chemistry – Biology”, OP 6B05201 – “Ecology”, OP 6B07501 – “Standardization and certification (by industry)”,7M01501-“Chemistry”,7M01502-“Biology”. The format of the lecture was of a debatable nature, which revived the content, depth and relevance of the disclosed topics of the lecture material. Students and undergraduates of the University were familiarized with the main trends of the global food safety and ecology system of agricultural production, taking into account the experience of developed countries and research monitoring of leading foreign universities, including the experience of Putra Malaysia University.  The presentation material of the lecture aroused the interest of the students and the teaching staff of the university.  According to the program of the visit, scientists from Malaysia also held a scientific seminar for the faculty of the University, on topical issues of publishing and publishing scientific articles in leading cited journals in the Scopus and Web of Science databases, the correctness and order of registration of this category of articles.
At the end of the visit of our guests, the words of gratitude on behalf of the university were expressed by Rector Azhidinov Akmaldin Sapardinovich, assuring that cooperation with scientists of Putra Malaysia University, including institutional cooperation with the University itself, has a good prospect of long-term partnerships in the future.

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