Mathematics, physics and computer science

Koshkinbaeva Madina Zholdykaraevna

Academic degree, position: Candidate of Technical Sciences, Head of the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science.

Telephone: 8(778) 290-77-47,


Address: Baitursynova str., 80A, 314-kab

The Department of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science is an educational, scientific and administrative division of the University. Due to the reorganization of the university’s structure at the beginning of the 2022-2023 academic year, the department was formed under the name «Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science» on the basis of the existing Department of «Engineering and Informatization». The department trains students according to educational programs: 6B01506 — Mathematics-Computer science; 6B01509 – Mathematics; 6B01512 — Mathematics and information and communication technologies; 6B01501 – Training of computer science teachers; 6B01511 — Computer Science and Robotics; 6B01507 — Physics-Computer Science; 7M01504 – Computer Science; 7M01503 — Mathematics. The department conducts educational, methodical, research and educational work in accordance with the strategic development plan of the department and the university. The activity of the department is regulated by the normative and instructional documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Charter of the University, the Regulations on the Department and other internal regulations of the University.

The department consists of highly qualified teaching staff, which includes associate professors, candidates of sciences, masters and teachers.

Educational programs taught at the Department of Engineering and Informatization:

6B01506-Mathematics-Computer science
6B01512-Mathematics and Information and Communication Technologies
6B07501-Standardization and certification
6B06106-Computer Science
6B06102-Information systems
6B06104-Computer Science
6B06103-Computer engineering and software
6B01507-Physics-Computer Science

Full namePostAcademic degree and title 
1.                 Кошкинбаева М.Ж.head of the departmentc.t.s 
2.                 Акылбаев m.idocentc.t.s 
3.                 Оспанов С.С.docentc.t.s 
4.                 Камбарова О.Б.docentc.p-m.s 
5.                 Игнашова Л.В.docentc.t.s 
6.                 Еркиналиев Р.Н.docentc.t.s 
7.                 Жукова Т.А.docentc.t.s 
8.                 Роговой А.В.docentc.p-m.s 
9.                 Тенизбаев Е.Ж.docentc.t.s 
10.            Ахтаев М.Б.docentc.t.s 
11.            Оспанова Р.Д.senior lecturerc.t.s 
12.            Дуйсенов Н.Ж.senior lecturerc.t.s 
13.            Бекжигитов Е.Т.senior lecturerc.p-m.s 
14.            Ерембесов К.К.senior lecturerc.p-m.s 
15.            Бименов М.А.senior lecturerc.p-m.s 
16.            Юнусова Д.У. senior lecturerc.t.s 
17.            Балгимбекова У.Б.senior lecturerIS Specialist 
18.            Рысбаков А.Т.senior lecturerspecialist in physics 
19.            Жайлаубай А.М.senior lecturerм.м. 
20.            Мамадиева К.Х.senior lecturerm.n.s 
21.            Толеманова А.О.senior lecturerm.i 
22.            Абдрахманова Г.М.senior lecturerm.i 
23.            Исахова Ұ.К.senior lecturerm.p 
24.            Эрманова Д.Р.senior lecturerm.i 
25.            Жолдыбаева Г.Т.teacherIS Specialist 
26.            Туракулов А.teacherm.i 
27.            Бөбеева Б.teacherm.n.s 
Specialists invited from production:   
Full namePostAcademic degree and titleMain activity
1.Аширбеков А.Н. senior lecturerm.t.sComputer science teacher of secondary school №.87 named after A. Nazarbekov
2.Мырзарахим А.teacherm.p.sMath teacher of the Syrym Datula General Secondary School № 68
3.Сахова С.О.teacherm.n.sComputer science teacher of Secondary School № 38 named after Ondasynova

The Department of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science works in 2 areas of research work:

  1. The direction of «Designing algorithms and software complexes of cryptosystems designed to ensure information security» consists of sections and stages. Supervising staff: Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Duisenov N. Zh., Candidate of Technical Sciences, senior lecturer Ospanova R. D. performer: Candidate of Technical Sciences, Koshkinbaeva M. Zh., senior lecturer Tolemanova A. O, Shynzhigit B. B. Zhaksylykov E. K. Expected result: implementation of measures to automate business processes of specific institutions and ensure systematization, analysis, implementation and implementation of information security issues; automation of input and processing, storage and collection of all types of data.
  2. The direction of «Improving the teaching of mathematics in secondary schools» consists of sections and stages. Supervisor: Ph.D., Associate Professor Duisenov N. Zh., Ph.D., senior lecturer Ospanova R. D. Performer: Ph.D., senior lecturer Akhmetova S.T., Abdrakhmanova G. M. Expected result: Education provision of innovative methodologies in educational programs, compilation, updating of educational literature necessary for the course mathematicians.

The teaching staff of the department takes an active part in the implementation of research concluded on the basis of business contracts. The research is carried out by order of enterprises and is of an applied nature.

The teaching staff fully provides the educational program for research work, monitors the implementation and contributes to the development of science and innovation in the field of education.

Teaching staff of the Department of Research and Development publishes monographs, impact factor, articles in KKSON journals and at scientific conferences. Under the guidance of the faculty, students take part in various startup projects and receive awards.

There are 3 student scientific circles at the department: «Young teacher», «Expert and technician», «IT programmer». Scientific circles of students are aimed at increasing the scientific activity of students and the formation of students’ skills of research work in their free or special time.

The «young teacher» at the next meeting of the circle work sets out his topics, discusses and sums up the results:

A meeting of the student scientific circle «Expert and technician» on the topic «Organization and procedure for verification of a measuring device» creating conditions for the formation of their professional personal competencies by participating in applied research at the Hill Corporation LLP plant.

The department on the basis of economic contracts is supplemented by acts of research and implementation of research results in the educational process and production, author’s certificates.

In connection with the Day of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, international partner events, master classes, conferences and seminars are held.

Students of the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science held an open educational hour «Teacher is a great personality». The teacher is a spiritual architectural figure of the younger generation, a convinced representative of society, of the people who transmit their promising future. Justifying this belief, they educate people with intelligence, intelligence, national and human values.


Our teacher has completed an international scientific and pedagogical internship

Online master class joint with Miras University

Teachers of the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science received copyright certificates. Teaching staff of the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science, PhD, Duisenov N. Zh. And PhD, Koshkinbaeva M. Zh. «Management in education textbook», Koshkinbaeva M. Zh. , Imankul N.B. «mass open online training program for courses and national courses qualification tests», Shynzhigit B. B., Zhaksylykov E. K. «electronic textbook on the discipline Web technology», Shynzhigit B. B. » academic writing. Textbook», Duisenov N. Zh. «fundamentals of information security», Koshkinbayeva M. Zh., Tolemanova A. O., Ermanova D. R. «measuring evaluation technologies», Abdrakhmanova G. M., Abishova G. B. «new technologies in information systems», Akylbayev M. I. received a copyright certificate for a work of literature as a scientific work in the discipline «elementary mathematics».

Our students took the ІІ place in the republican distance competition

Teachers of the Department of «Technology and Informatization» received a certificate of copyright

According to the plan of educational work of the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science, senior lecturer of the department Isakhova U. K. conducted an educational hour «The core of patriotic education-the formation of national consciousness «.

This is an educational hour that gives young people an education on an ethnopedagogic basis, instructs and determines the need for patriotic education. Also in the concept of education in the principles of the organization of the educational process, the ethnic principle emphasized the formation of a cultural and developmental environment conducive to the prosperity of national culture on the basis of ethnic culture, civil consent.

Students of the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science held an open educational hour «Teacher is a great personality». The teacher is a spiritual architectural figure of the younger generation, a convinced representative of society, of the people who transmit their promising future. Justifying this belief, they educate people with intelligence, intelligence, national and human values.

International cooperation is an integral part of the activities of the Central Asian Innovation University and an important tool for ensuring the quality of education and its compliance with international standards.

This work is carried out within the framework of cooperation programs with leading foreign universities. To date, CAIU has signed cooperation agreements with Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakh National Research Technical University named after K. Satpayev.

Within the framework of the agreements concluded with these universities, it became possible to implement international educational programs and projects, carry out joint research activities, organize scientific and practical seminars and conferences, exchange teaching staff and develop external academic mobility.

Academic mobility of a student is the transfer of a student to study or research for a certain academic period (semester or academic year) to another university (domestic or foreign), the continuation of the received educational programs is mandatory at another university.

The main goal of academic mobility:

The main goal of academic mobility is to ensure the quality of Kazakhstan’s higher education in accordance with international standards, to increase its competitiveness.

What are the advantages of the academic mobility program?

This program allows students and teachers to carry out educational and scientific activities in foreign partner universities. The academic mobility program is designed for a limited period, usually for a semester or academic year.

Participation in mobility programs gives students a number of promising opportunities and advantages:

* gain invaluable international experience in the scientific and educational field;

* expansion of professional knowledge and practical skills;

* passing a useful language practice;

* acquisition of teaching and communication experience in an international intercultural group.

The departments have agreements/agreements/ on cooperation between the University and the Tajik Pedagogical Institute in Penjikent, the Research Institute of Mechanics of Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia), Tashkent State University of Economics (Uzbekistan), Chirchik State Pedagogical Institute (Uzbekistan). The subject of these agreements is cooperation between partner universities to ensure academic mobility of students in the field of science and education.

Онлайн мастер-класс совместный с университетом Мирас

In the 2019-2020 academic year according to the ЕP:
6B01509 – «Mathematics» — 89.2%,
6B01507 – «Physics-Computer Science» — 100%
In the 2020-2021 academic year according to the ЕP:
6B01509 — «Mathematics» – 61%,
6B01506 – «Mathematics – Computer Science» – 100%,
6B01507 – «Physics-Computer Science» — 54%.
In the 2021-2022 academic year according to the ЕP:
6B01509 — «Mathematics» – 89.2%,
6B01506 — «Mathematics – Computer science» – 100%,
6B01501 – «Training of computer science teachers» — 100%
6B01507 – «Physics-informatics» -61.2%
7M01504 – «Informatics» — 89.2%
7M01503 – «Mathematics» — 100%

The main and mandatory types of practice of students at the university: educational (introductory, educational and production); production (production-introductory, pedagogical, etc.); Pre-graduate practice (before obtaining qualifications); research.