Monitoring, QMS and Accreditation

Kylyshbaeva Gulnar Bakiramovna
Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor

The purpose of the department is to create, operate and improve the system of monitoring and analysis of educational activities as a mechanism to ensure the quality of education.

  Within the framework of the main goal , the department performs the following tasks:

Improving the methods and procedures of monitoring research of educational activities of the university
Internal audit of the quality of educational activities in the structural divisions of the University. 3. Collection and analytical processing of the characteristics of the university’s educational activities within the framework of general education programs.
Consulting and information assistance to educational units.
Accumulation of information reflecting the effectiveness, dynamics and trends in the development of educational activities of the university.
Informing the management and dissemination of information and analytical materials and achievements of the university in educational activities.

Department functions

222 Planning and development of monitoring, evaluation (measurement), analysis and improvement processes.
Analysis of resource and information quality assurance of the educational process (methodological, organizational).
Analysis of the monitoring of student progress and the quality of education.
Control and audit of the work of the educational units of the Institute in the field of educational activities, monitoring research, their dissemination
Coordination and participation in institutional and specialized accreditation procedures;
Coordination of work on participation in institutional and program ratings in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
Participation in the analysis and evaluation of the quality of education at the university;
Participation in the development of recommendations for improving the quality of university education;
Participation in the development of internal regulatory documents of the University