Niyazov Aidar Kambarovich

Candidate of Arts, Associate Professor

The Department of «ART» trains students and undergraduates in the following specialties::

6B01401 — «Music Education» (Bachelor’s degree),

6B01403 — «Vocational training» (Bachelor’s degree),

6B02102 — «Design» (Bachelor’s degree),

7M02102 — «Design» (Master’s degree).

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, associate professor Utesheva Aliya Zhalelovna is the head of the Department of «Art».

The staff of the Department of Arts trains highly qualified specialists in the field of education and culture, including highly qualified professionals and designers. Including:

1 candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate professor;

1 candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor;

5 candidate of pedagogical sciences, 1 candidate of economic sciences,

6 cultural worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan ,

1 Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan

8 masters, 22 senior teachers.

1Ниязов А.К.заведующий кафедройкандидат искусствоведениядоцент
2Ажидинов А.С.профессорк.т.нпрофессор
3Утешева А.Ж.доцентк.п.н..доцент
4Павловский А.Л,доцентк.п.н..доцент
5Кошенов Ж.С.доцентк.п.н..доцент
6Атажанов И.И.доцентк.т.н..доцент
7Тулепов Л.А.старший преподавательPhD  
8Баймен Б.А.старший преподаватель Деятель культуры РК
9Кайнарбаева А.К.старший преподаватель Деятель культуры РК
10Байболанова М.А,     старший преподаватель Деятель культуры РК
11Абуова К.Е. старший преподаватель Деятель культуры РК
12Абдраймова С.Б.доцент доцент, Деятель культуры РК
13Жаксыбеков С. старший преподаватель Деятель культуры РК
14Күнпейіс Ж.Қ. старший преподавательк.п.н.. 
15Жунисова Н.А. старший преподаватель магистр педагогики и психологии
16Жузеева К.Е.старший преподаватель  
17Оспанова А.Дстарший преподаватель  
18Уколова А.О.старший преподаватель  
19Давлетканова З.Р.преподаватель  
20Тилепова А.У. старший преподаватель  
21Айдаркулова Н.А. старший преподаватель  
22Пернакулова С.А. старший преподаватель  
23Жаксылыкова Г.А. старший преподаватель магистр педагогики и психологии
24Мейрбекова Р.Б. старший преподаватель  
25Мурзабаева М.А. старший преподаватель  
26Шуланбекова С.Б. преподаватель Магистр искусствоведения
27Кәдірбердиева А.Ш. преподаватель Магистр педагогических наук
28Ажидинов С.С. старший преподавательк.т.н..                    
29Даулеталиева  С.О.преподаватель  
30Оримбаева Ш.М.преподаватель  

Students of the department take an active part in scientific seminars, conferences, various competitions, creative exhibitions and other events of the university, city, republican, international scale and other events: III Republican Competition-Festival ” The constellation of talents is the World. Creation. Friendship», the regional patriotic song contest «Mangilik el», the regional exhibition-forum «interior design and furniture», the city exhibition «Altyn Kuz», the regional architectural competition «Student Spring», the city exhibition «Modern House», the regional competition «Young Designer», the competition «Shabyt 2017», the regional competition «Arai — 2018», the exhibition «The Great Silk Road». Photos from the festival «Shabyt-17»:

Orientation to the future: Rukhani zhangyru, as part of the Address of the Head of State, the II round of the International Exhibition «The Great Silk Road» was held at the university. The event was attended by students of all faculties of the university, as well as students of schools in the district. Students exchanged experiences and communicated with students of other universities. The exhibition was held in an online format with the State of Tajikistan. Defiles with concert programs were organized at the exhibition. At the end of the event, the students of the department were awarded diplomas, due to the relevance of their work. In particular. Under the guidance of senior teacher Auelbekov Nurzhan Berkinbaykyzy Aiganym, Esirke Akzhol were awarded diplomas.

For active participation in the competition «The best mechanic», a student of the KO-115 group, Naiza Aibek, was awarded a Letter of Thanks.

Askar Zhuldyz was awarded for his participation in the republican contest «fashion tower» during the practice period, leading students in the competencies «fashion design».

Student of the KO-115 group Askar Zhuldyz in the sewing workshop of the college

A student of the KO-116 group Musagali Ainur Baltabaevna was awarded a Letter of Thanks from the director of Secondary School No. 2 for her active participation in the public life of the school.
In the international creative competition «The Great Silk Road» within the framework of the «Year of Tourism by Folk Artisans», announced by the President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emamoli Rahmon, a student of the KO-117 group under the guidance of a senior teacher of the specialty «Decorative and Applied Arts» N. Junisova was awarded a diploma of the I degree.

For the high level of performance in the regional competition of young pop singers and leading cultural events «Arai-2018», Junusalieva Alima was awarded a special prize «Miss Arai-2018».

The specialties of the department are provided with a classroom fund in accordance with the requirements of the educational process in higher educational institutions. The department has classrooms, computer classes, lecture halls, conference and conference rooms, methodical rooms, specialized workshops, private auditoriums. Classrooms are equipped with modern technical facilities, broadband Internet and methodological stands. Leading teachers of the department conduct classes of circles in special academic disciplines and in creative workshops: including honorary architect of the Republic of Kazakhstan, senior teacher O. Has a workshop «Graphics and layout» Auezov, workshop of senior teacher Ospanova A.D. «designing and modeling of clothing», workshop «vocational training» of master-senior teacher N. Junisova.

Choir and dombra classes are prepared in special classes.

In accordance with the curriculum of the department and the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 27, 2007 (with amendments and additions), the state mandatory standard of higher education in the specialties of the department «art», the following types of educational practice are conducted: pedagogical, industrial, measuring, educational (introductory, plein-air), Pre-graduate, the purpose of which is to deepen and master theoretical knowledge, expand the scope of practical skills and abilities in the specialty.

A student of group 120-14, Myrhmetova Zhanerke, conducted a technology lesson with 6th grade students (Pedagogical practice)