Explanatory work was carried out to increase religious awareness of young people

Organized by the Youth Resource Center, explanatory work was carried out with the participation of industry experts in the direction of promoting the harmfulness of Ludamania and increasing religious awareness among the youth of the Central Asian Innovation University.

The goal is to give young people a deep understanding of how to avoid religious movements, instill respect for parents and the ability to do good.

The meeting was attended by Imam of the Al-Muslim mosque Sergali Bayniyazov, diroctor of the Solih Quran recitation charitable institution, and a theologian of the KSU “center for the study of religious issues” of the Department of Religious Affairs, Valikhan Samat Shokanovich, who shared a number of information on ways to prevent destructive religious movements and the direction of religion.

Also, students were informed about gambling, ludomania, fraud and spoke about the Prevention of paradoxical religious movements, urged to share or not publish religious information on social networks.

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