It Olympiad

In order to interest students in the IT field and improve their professional qualifications, the Department of Mathematics, Physics and informatics held an IT Olympiad on 30.03.2023. 6 teams of 3 students took part in the Olympiad. The SCRIPT team also took part in the assessment of the level of education and the exchange of experience from the South Kazakhstan humanitarian and economic college. 5 teams from the university: students in the direction of information and communication technologies and students in the direction of training computer science teachers (Innovation Group, Trojan group, Cyber Group, WWW group, Impulse Group). The Olympiad consisted of 2 rounds. All participants were awarded diplomas, letters of thanks and prizes. According to the points accumulated in the 2nd round, the places were determined as follows.
1. Impulse Group-I place
2. Cyber Group-II place
3. SCRIPT Group-III place
During the Olympiad, students exchanged experience with each other and showed their desire to participate in other Olympiads in the future.

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