Subject Olympiad in the specialties of Pedagogy

On March 16 of this year, with the organization of the Department of Pedagogy of the Central Asian Innovation University, a disciplinary Olympiad was held among students of the educational program “6B01301-Pedagogy and methodology of primary Education”. The main purpose of the Olympiad: the subject Olympiad is a creative competition aimed at determining the level of subject knowledge and skills of future primary school teachers, as well as the level of formation of their professional competence necessary for professional pedagogical activity.
The Olympiad consisted of 5 stages:
Creative competition “My pedagogical specialty”. Business cards of the teams.
Purpose: to introduce the group (the name of the collective, faculty (institute), specialty, personal presentation).
Theoretical work.
The students wrote an essay on the topic “My chosen profession” and defended it.
Analysis of the situation. Purpose: to solve situational problems in pedagogical and psychological fields.
Testing. Testing in four subjects was conducted in writing.
The practical part. Panoramic Lesson (homework) is a platform for creative search. As a future teacher, a student shows his experience.
The purpose of the panoramic lesson is to show themselves as experienced teachers who opened their own educational laboratory and could teach, that is, spread their methodology to the masses.
Four teams took part in the scientific Olympiad. The 2nd-year teams “Zhalyn”, “Algyrlar”, “Bolashak”, as well as the 3rd-year team “Innovative Teachers” presented their creativity.
The contest was very interesting and attractive.
The winners of the Olympiad were awarded diplomas of I, II, III degrees and prizes.

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