On March 15 of this year, in honor of the celebration of Nauryz, teachers of the Department of “Pedagogy” K.B.Balginbekova and G.E.Omirzak organized together with the 1st year students of the PMNOk group 22-1h,2h,3h and 2nd year students of the PMNOk group 21-1h of the educational program “Pedagogy and methods of primary education” a festive open educational hour called “Kosh keldin Az-Nauryz”.
The purpose of the festive and educational event is to tell the story of the celebration of Nauryz, to show the traditions of the Kazakh people and to instill in young people a sense of reverence and respect for national origins. What does the Nauryz national holiday bring? The spring holiday is a symbol of renewal, the birth of a new life, new opportunities. It is dedicated to fertility, the triumph of love and friendship. Nauryz is a reminder that in the old year everything bad and unpleasant will remain, and in the spring everything bright and joyful will be reborn. In the Kazakh steppe, our ancestors celebrated it, observing our national traditions and customs, increasing the love of generations for their nation. During the event, a national custom – matchmaking – “Syrga salu” was demonstrated and a song was performed that gave a festive mood. The guests also tried Nauryz kozhe.

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