Training Department

The Training Department works in accordance with the regulatory documents of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Education, the QMS, as well as the job descriptions of the training department

Training Department:

implements the quality objectives of the training department;
ensure prompt compliance with management requirements;
organizes and controls the work of the department;
they control the introduction of new educational technologies, active and interactive teaching methods into the educational process;
they control and participate in the organization of the educational process according to the credit system of training;
monitor the progress of state examinations and the defense of diploma projects (works);
take part in the work of the Academic Council, as well as monitor the implementation of their decisions on academic work;
they monitor the quality of the educational process at the faculties of the Institute;
monitor the implementation of action plans to eliminate the comments of the attestation commission and other inspection and inspection commissions;
monitor the organization and activities of the courses of young teachers;
respond to written requests from higher authorities on educational issues;
they control the development of RUP specialties, their compliance with standard curricula, QMS and the provision of methodological assistance in their development;
check and monitor the accounting of the volume of the training load;
determine the staff of departments;
monitor compliance of the schedule of tests and exams with the schedule of the educational process.
monitor the classroom fund and the implementation of the schedule of classes.


Work plan 2023-2024

Semi-annual report 2023-2024