Operation provisions

PD-01-21 Regulations on internal regulations

PD-02-21 Regulations on the curator of academic groups

PD-03-21 Regulations on Benefits and scholarships for students studying on a contractual basis

PD-04-21 Regulations on the modular educational program 

PD-06-22 Regulations on academic load and teaching work

PD-07-21 Regulations on the organization of the educational process in the Bachelor’s degree in credit technology of education

PD-08-21 Regulations on the organization of the educational process using distance learning technologies (DOT)

PD-09-21 Regulations on academic Integrity of students, teaching staff and employees 

PD-10-21 Regulations on the activities of advisors 

PD-11-21 Regulations on academic mobility of students

PD-12-21 Regulations on the organization of educational and methodical work 

PD-13-23 Regulations on the thesis (project) 

PD-14-21 Regulations on the procedure for the preparation and publication of educational and scientific literature 

PD-15-21 Regulations on the catalog of elective disciplines

PD-16-21 Regulations on the organization of independent work of students (SRS and SRSP)

PD-17-21 Regulations on the evaluation of the Department’s activities

PD-18-21 Regulations on employment of graduates 

PD-19-21 Regulations on monitoring the quality of the educational process by questioning Students, Graduates and Employers

PD-20-21 Regulations on Risk Management 

PD-21-21 Assessment of possible risks 

PD-22-21 Regulations on monitoring the quality of education

PD-23-21 Regulations on the intra-university quality assurance system 

PD-24-21 Regulations on Research work

PD-24-40 Regulations on International Cooperation

PD-24-41 Rules for conducting subject Olympiads and research works of students

PD-25-21 Academic mobility of teaching staff

PD-25-21 Regulations on academic mobility of teaching staff

PD-26-21 Regulations on remuneration and financial incentives (bonuses)

PD-27-21 Regulations on the evaluation of the rating of the teaching staff and the holding of the competition “The best teacher of the year”

PD-28-21 Regulations on the official website 

PD-29-21 Regulations on the creation of video lectures 

PD-30-21 Verification of works for uniqueness

PD-31-21 Information Management Strategy 

PD-32-21 Regulations on career guidance work

PD-33-21 Regulations on the educational and methodological complex of the discipline

PD-34-21 Regulations on the Council of Young Scientists 

PD-34-21 Staff Regulations

PD-35-21 Regulations on Public information

PD-36-21 Regulations on the collection, processing, storage and protection of personal data of employees and students

PD-37-21 Regulations on the procedure of transfer and recertification of disciplines

PD-38-21 Regulations on the recognition of the results of additional formal and non-formal education

PD-39-21 Regulations on the assignment of positions and academic titles

PD-40-21 Regulations on the organization and use of mass open online courses in the educational process

PD-45-23 Regulations on the master’s thesis


PD-56-22 Personnel policy

PD-57-22 Conflict Resolution Policy  

PD-60-21 On the commercialization of the results of scientific and scientific-technical activities

PD-60-23 Regulations on the scientific and experimental base for conducting research on the topic of master’s theses