Exhibition of engravings

Faculty of Creativity, senior teacher of the educational program 6B02103-“Design” of the “department” Music, vocational training and design”, cultural figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan Baymen Batuhan, a personal exhibition of “engravings” is being held in the art gallery of the Museum of Arts of our city from November 10 to December 10. In connection with Therefore, today, November 29, 2023, students of groups DZOk 21-1h, DZ-01, DZ-02 visited the exhibition with senior teacher K. E. Zhuzeeva and master-teacher D. A. Yunusova.

The goal was to show students the work, life path and creativity of the master of art of our department, to increase motivation for the fine arts, the profession, to increase accessibility and proximity to the representatives of art themselves, and also to popularize the fine arts among university students.

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