Competition of students “Competitive young specialist”

In order to increase the intellectual potential of students, on 16.11.2023, the competition of students “competitive young specialist” was held at caiu.     The competition was attended by the teams “Berkut”, “KAIZEN”, “Zhalyn”, “million”, formed from students of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd courses of economic specialties. The rector of the University, Ph. D., Professor A. S. Azhidinov called the annual traditional competition organized by the Department of Economics and management to support the development of young people’s competitiveness and wished the participants good luck.  The teams competed in the rounds of presentation, test tasks, economic reports and “skillful management of the economy”.

In the process of completing the assigned tasks, the teams showed ingenuity, ingenuity and tried to formulate their thoughts in detail. The teams showed high levels of economic, financial literacy, and cognition.  The chairman of the jury, vice-rector for academic affairs of CAIU Duisenov N. Zh. commented on the answers of each group and gave a fair assessment.   According to the number of points scored in four stages, the third place was taken by the teams “Zhalyn” and “Million”, the second place was taken by the team “KAIZEN”, the first place was taken by the team “Berkut”. the teams were awarded Awards.  The hosts were also active students of our university Murat zh., D. Turdieva, who managed to conduct the competition at a high level.

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