The Rector of the University visited Antalya, Turkey, as part of the program “Practice in luxury five-star hotels in Turkey”.

There is an opportunity to exchange experiences in five-star luxury hotels in Turkey.
From October 8 to 13, 2023, the rector of the University A. S. Azhidinov, at the invitation of the founder of Caspian Center LLP, as part of a delegation of heads of universities and colleges of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Astana, Almaty, Shymkent, Pavlodar, Taldykorgan), paid a business visit to Antalya, Turkey within the framework of the program “experience in five-star luxury hotels in Turkey”.
The purpose of the trip: to get acquainted with the conditions of industrial practice of students and graduates, namely: place of work, place of residence, food, safety, hygiene and transport.
During the visit, the delegation members visited the headquarters of ANEX in Antalya and met with the company’s management. Members of the delegation got acquainted with the working and living conditions of students in the five-star hotels “Kremlin Palas”, “Selektum Lukshery”, “Papilon”, “Max Roal”, “Selektum Family Resor”, “Trendi”.

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