The Department of Languages and Literature held a scientific seminar

On November 1, at the Department of Languages and Literature, Doctor of Philology Doszhan Raykhangul Abdugalievna held a scientific seminar on the topic: “The role of the deep ethnic interweaving of the Turks in determining the area of toponyms.”
The purpose of the scientific seminar is to deeply study the history of the origin, the roots of our nation, language, land and convey it to future youth with concrete arguments. To awaken young people’s interest in our history, partriotic feelings.
At a scientific seminar:
— Doctor of Philology, Professor Bekzhan Abdualievich from the Eurasian National University made an online report on the topic through the ZOOM platform.
— Candidates of Philological Sciences, senior teachers of Tashenov University A. A. Akkozov and B. E. Kalybekov shared their thoughts in the debate.
— Vice-Rector for Science of our University M.A. Zharkinbekov took an active part and explained to all the students present the depth of our history, the interest of this topic in modern science.
— Doctor of Philology, Doszhan Raykhangul Abdugalievna made a scientific report with an artistic presentation in order to explain the topic in depth.
— Teachers of the Faculty of “Pedagogy and Languages”, the Department of “Languages and Literature” and students of 2-3 courses spoke within the framework of the topic, asked questions and answered the questions posed.

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