Report on the traditional subject Olympiad in history and geography held in Saryagash District of Turkestan region

Central Asian Innovation University, Faculty” Natural Science “Department” history of Kazakhstan and natural science disciplines ” took part in the traditional Olympiad on history, geography in Saryagash District of Turkestan region, where 84 graduates of schools with a choice of history and geography took part.
According to the results of the first stage, 10 students with high scores were selected.
At the II stage, he wrote an essay on the topic “New Kazakhstan”. According to the requirements, the content and essence of the written essay, the richness of language and speed of thought were emphasized, and the students took a prize place.
Among the participants of the Olympiad , the winners were determined in the category. Depending on the number of points below , those who won the prize. In particular:
A grant certificate of the first degree is awarded to the participant: a student of the 11th “a” grade of S. Baigoziyev secondary school No. 70 in the village of Darbaza, Saryagash district, Turkestan region, Zhau Aknur Aliakbarovna, who scored 100 points, became the winner of the Olympiad and also received a certificate of the Central Asian Innovation University and the right to free education.
“Letter of Thanks” for taking the second place, the participant: izbasar Gainizhan Urbanalykyzy, a student of the 11th “a” class of Secondary School No. 71 in Saryagash, Turkestan region, scored 95 points and became the winner of the Olympiad.
A “letter of Thanks” for taking the III place will be awarded to the participant: Baratova Ayazhan Yermekovna, a student of the 11th “a” class of Tolybay batyr secondary school No. 66, Saryagash , Turkestan region, won the Olympiad with a score of 90 points.
A letter of thanks was given to the teachers who involved the student in his educational institution.

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