Senior teacher of the educational program of vocational training, candidate of Pedagogical Sciences KUNPEIS ZHUMAKHAN KALPEISOVICH turns 70 years old. On the eve of this holiday, on March 1, the Department of “music, vocational training and design” organized an educational hour on the topic: “my teacher is proud of you” with groups of Chtpk 22 – 1H, Chtpk 22-3h, ko-01.
The educational hour was attended by the staff of the department, teachers of the Department of pedagogy and students.
During the educational hour, the biography, work and work of Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Kunpeis Zhumakhan Kalpeisovich were told, and congratulatory words were made. The students continued the concert program and read a dedication. From among the students, questions related to personal life,creativity, social work were asked and answered.
During the event, a special book exhibition was organized and the books of Zhumakhan Kalpeisovich were presented.

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