Brief information about the faculty
The Faculty of Humanities of the Central Asian Innovation University trains bachelor graduates in the following educational programs:
6B04103-Economics, Finance, Banking and Insurance
6B02101-Fashion,interior design and industrial design
6B04132-State and Local Government
6B06102- Information Systems
6B04102-Audit and taxation
6B01501-Training of computer science teachers
6B04202-Customs business
The faculty works:
Professor- 2
Associate Professor — 10
Doctors of Science-2
Doctor PhD-2
Candidates of Sciences-27
Senior teachers-23
Teachers- 63
There are circles at the faculty: «eRudite», «zHas Economist», the Faculty Council and the starostat, which includes 31 students- activists of 1,2,3 courses.
The main tasks of its activity of the headmaster are — informing students about management decisions and changes in the course of the educational process, coordination of educational activities