The success of our students at the international competition of designers and fashion designers ALTYN ORNEK

On April 25-26, the Department of Fine Arts and design of the South Kazakhstan University named after Mukhtar Auezov held an international competition of young designers and fashion designers ALTYN Örnek. More than 30 collections were presented to the competition. In particular, the Central Asian Innovation University was represented by the head of the Department of “Music, vocational training and design”, specialty 6B02103 – design Yunusova Dildora Avazovna,  3rd year students of Dzok 21-1h Abdykadyr Nursara;Nurseitova Yrysai; Abaykhan Dinara; Meimankul Aida; Tolebay Dinara. The collections “Spirit of Liberty” and “Beauties of the Yellow Valley” were presented to the competition and awarded with special certificates. The authors of the collection “The Spirit of Liberty” Abdykadyr Nursara and Nurseitova Yrysai were also awarded a special letter of thanks from the designer of the Opera and Ballet Theater Sabira Dauletalieva. # design #professional_reducation

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