Olympiad among students of economic specialties on the topic “New opportunities for economic development”

On 14.03.2024, the Department of Economics and management held an economic Olympiad among students of economic specialties” new opportunities for Economic Development”. The purpose of the Olympiad is to reveal the creative abilities of students, support talented and talented students, contribute to the formation of intellectual potential, involve students and young scientists in solving modern scientific problems, and develop interest in scientific activities. 4 teams took part in the Olympiad.
The rector of the University, Ph. D., Professor A. S. Azhidinov made an opening speech and wished the participants of the Olympiad victory.
The Olympiad was held in 5 rounds: presentation of teams, test tasks, “situational task”, economic reports, protection of business projects. The teams completed tasks in 4 rounds and presented projects in 5 stages in the field of research projects, confectionery, services, textiles.    The 1st place was taken by the team “Eagle”, the 2nd place was taken by the team “million”, the 3rd place was taken by the teams “KAIZEN” and “Zhalyn”.
In conclusion, the head of the scientific research center of the University, candidate of technical sciences Zharkinbekov A. A., head of the Department, candidate of Economic Sciences Kamalov A. A. awarded letters of thanks, highlighting projects for the development of creative abilities.

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