Announces a competition for a vacant teaching staff position

  1. to the Department of Languages and Literature:

Senior lecturer (Candidate of Philological Sciences) – 4 units;

Teacher (Master’s degree) – 2 units.

  1. to the Department of Pedagogy:

Teacher (Master’s degree) – 4 units

III. to the department of “Initial military training and Physical culture”:

Senior lecturer (candidates of pedagogical sciences or honored coach RK) – 3 units;

  1. to the Department of Law:

Senior lecturer (Candidate of Law) – 2 units.

  1. to the Department of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science:

Senior lecturer (Master) – 1 unit;

Teacher (Master) – 1 unit

  1. to the Department of Economics and Management :

Senior lecturer (Candidate of Economic Sciences) – 2 units;

Teacher (Master) – 1 unit

VII. to the Department of Engineering and Information Technology:

Lecturer (Master’s degree) – 1 unit.

To participate in the competition, you must submit the following documents to the university’s competition commission:

  1. Application addressed to the Rector
  2. Documents on higher education
  3. List of scientific articles
  4. Biography
  5. Photo-4 pcs (3×4)
  6. Certificates (no criminal record, no mental abnormalities, not registered on the narcological register)


General qualification requirements:


– Senior lecturer: higher and (or postgraduate) education, work experience of at least 3 years of scientific and pedagogical activity, including at least one year as a teacher or practical work experience in a specialty (activity profile) of at least 3 years and /or a degree.

– Teacher: Higher professional education (specialist) and/or academic Master’s degree

Documents are accepted from March 01, 2024 to April 01, 2024 from 9-00 am to 17-00 pm.

Address: Shymkent, Baitursynova 80, Madeli kozha str., house No. 137/2

Phone, Fax: 8725/2 53-56-95/, 53-04-21/112/, Email:,

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