Opening ceremony of the week “Languages”

On December 4, the Department of “Languages and literature” Organized a solemn opening ceremony of the week “Languages” on the topic “formation of a multilingual personality – the key to building a competitive society”.
The purpose of the week: to form a sense of respect for the state language, to develop a policy of multilingualism in strengthening friendship and unity between representatives of different nationalities living in an independent country. To instill in students respect for the language, interest, and partriotic feelings.
At the opening ceremony of the week:
– During the week, the Department decorated the interior of the University with special visuals, presented national costumes and dishes of each language in order to introduce the languages taught at the Department;
– The guests of the University and the teaching staff who came to work were greeted with catchy melodies on National Instruments and winged words written on sweets in order to raise respect for our language;
– Rector of our university, candidate of technical sciences, professor Azhidinov Akmaldin Sapardinovich made a special speech, explained the purpose of the week and wished students and teachers of the Department good luck;
– Candidate of philological Sciences, senior lecturer Toktagul Bikamal Sagatbekovna read a special report, familiarized with the purpose and program of the event and declared the week open;

– Candidate of philological Sciences, senior teacher Aliyeva Gaini Amerseitovna made a speech and invited students to take an active part;
-Also at the opening ceremony of the week, the vice-rector for educational work of our university Duysenov N. zh., vice-rector for educational work Zharkinbekov M. A., vice-rector for educational work Khaidarov N. Sh., dean of the Faculty of pedagogy and languages Sydykova Z. E., Dean of the Faculty of Natural Science and technology Mukhtar Abishev and other teachers and management staff of the Department witnessed the opening ceremony together with teachers and students, and rusted.

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