Competition of musical numbers.  Closing of the week

On November 10-17, in the last event of the Week organized by the Department of Economics and management “national currency-a guarantee of financial stability of the economy of Kazakhstan”, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the national currency of the Republic of Kazakhstan, teams competed with musical and stage performances.   On November 17, the teams” Berkut”,” KAIZEN”,” Zhalyn”,” million “competed in the stages of demonstration of their skills, stage performance on the theme” unforgettable moments of Student Life”,” culinary skills”, that is, economic and caloric characteristics of food.  In addition to education, the participants took an active part in the demonstration of their art, showed their skills and abilities, and won the sympathy of the audience.
According to the results of the competition on this day, the third place was shared by the teams “KAIZEN” and “Million”, the second place was awarded to the team “Berkut”, and the first place was awarded to the team “Zhalyn”. The teams were awarded special letters of thanks and prizes to the teams that won prizes.
Summing up the solemn closing of the week, the head of the Department “Economics and management”, Ph. D. Kamalov A. A., focused on the activities carried out within the framework of the Week, organized in order to increase the intellectual potential and creative search of students, awarded letters of thanks to the teams, leaders, members of the jury, Faculty of the department, who took an active part.
For students of economic specialties, the “week of economists” had a lot of benefits, showed various qualities, such as working in a team, making serious decisions and clearly following them, taking the initiative, using imagination, being a leader, creative abilities, and accumulated many useful skills.   Also, all participants (management, guests, teaching staff and students) received useful and interesting information.
As a result, the week has achieved its goal, students have gained a lot of experience and a great desire to go into business. We express our confidence that this will help them achieve their goals and heights in the future.

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