Day of Science Workers

                                                      Dear colleagues, dear friends!

Today Kazakhstan celebrates a professional holiday – the Day of Science Workers. On this day, we emphasize the continuous striving of our scientists and researchers to know the world, their high intellectual activity and contribution to scientific discoveries that change the world around us.

The scientific community of Kazakhstan is a source of inspiration and innovation, capable of solving the most complex scientific problems and creating promising areas of research. It represents various fields of knowledge – from fundamental sciences to applied research, and plays an important role in solving scientific, technical and socio-economic problems of our country.

We are proud of the high level of professionalism and competence of our scientists, teachers, researchers and other scientific workers.

On behalf of the Ministry and on my own behalf, I express my deep gratitude to scientists and researchers, as well as to all citizens involved in science, for their backbreaking work and striving to achieve new heights in scientific activity. Your knowledge and experience is the most valuable resource of our state!

I congratulate everyone on the Day of Science Workers! I wish you all further scientific success, new discoveries and innovations. Thank you for your enthusiasm and invaluable contribution to the development of Kazakh science!

OAIU ректоры

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