The Department of “Art” organized a creative Olympiad

On April 7, 2023, the Department of Music, Vocational Training and Design organized a creative Olympiad called “Onerli orge zhuzer”. The event was attended by students of the educational program 6B01405 – “Music education”, the educational program 6B01409 — “Artistic work and design” and students of the educational program 6B02103 — “Design”. Each educational program, based on the specifics of its profession, formed the rules according to which all competitions were held. As a result: according to the educational program 6b01409 – “Artistic work and design”, Zhumadilova Aida took 1st place among the 2nd year students. And the 2nd prize was worthily taken by Umirzakova Assel and Taudybek Guldana. Among the 1st year students, the 1st place went to Kosakova Balgerim, and the 2nd place was shared by Ibrai Zhanar and Iristayeva Madina.
According to the educational program 6B02103 – “Design”, Abu-Sharip Kundyz took the 1st place among the participants of the 2nd course. The 2nd place was taken by Meymankul Aida and the 3rd place was taken by Abaykhan Dinara and Nurseytova Yrysay. In 3 courses, Lala Balabayeva received the 1st place with dignity, Tleukhan Ainur and Rasil Nursulu shared the 2nd place.
According to the results of two rounds, the result is as follows:
Akkali Fariza, a student of the MB-92 group, took 1st place;
2nd place — Turabbaeva Zhamila, a student of the MOk group 21-1h;
The 3rd place was taken by Yerkebayeva Akbilek and Abdulla Ainazik, students of the 2nd year of the IOc MOk group.

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