Student Services Center

Dzhumadillayeva Gauhar Beisenova, Head of the Student Service Center

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The Student Service Center was established in 2018. The Center advises students on academic issues throughout the academic period.
The center is a place where every student can get answers to their questions.
The principles of the Center’s activities are: confidentiality of the information received, cooperation based on trust, objectivity in solving issues, providing reliable information.
The Center is building a dialogue between the university administration and its students in a new format.
The Student Service Center is aimed at maximizing the comprehensive interaction with the student community, saves students’ time and will eliminate bureaucratic barriers and corruption risks in the university–student interaction system, duplicate actions in the provision of services, will also significantly increase the efficiency and efficiency of solving student problems, raise the quality of services to a fundamentally new level, solve the problem reducing the time spent by students to receive socially significant services.


– Ensuring prompt, high-quality provision of services to students on the principle of “one window” based on the standards of public services;
– Timely provision of information at the request of students (within the authority of the DSP).
– Support of students in academic matters through counseling.
– Creation of conditions for the eradication of manifestations of corruption risks and offenses in the CAIU.
– Acceptance of students’ applications for the provision of public and intra-university services.
– Processing of applications.
– Providing information assistance to students when contacting the Center.
– Definition of the regulations for the provision of public and intra-university services.
– Issuance of the results of the provision of public and intra-university services.

Regulations on the Student Service Center

Annual work plan of the Student Service Center for the 2022-2023 academic year

Student Service Center for the 2021-2022 academic year report