A Roundtable on the topic “Effectiveness and negative impact of teaching English at an early age”

A Roundtable on the topic “Effectiveness and negative impact of teaching English at an early age” was held on 05.12.2023 at 14:00 in the conference hall 404, organized by master, senior teachers of the Department “Languages and literature” Bolatova A. A., Alibekova M.E.

The event was attended by students of 1,2,3,4 courses of educational programs 6B01705-Foreign Language: two foreign languages and 6b02301 – Translation Studies of the Faculty of pedagogy and languages.

The event was actively attended by Ph. D., associate professor of the Department Taukebaeva R. B., Ph. D., Senior Lecturer Erekhanova F. T., master, senior lecturer Dauletalieva D. M., Narzullayeva A. S. and other teachers.

The guest of the Roundtable was a foreign Specialist, MBA master, Arnold O’kere, who shared his best experience in teaching.

During the event, he demonstrated the need for Early Learning of English in modern developed countries and the requirements of the time-the basics of easy language proficiency. Taking into account the personal opinions of students, they also highlighted the negative effects of early language acquisition. Students of the educational program” translation studies ” also took part in it, told and explained their potential in the future, the profession that is currently in demand. The discussion among students was interesting.

At the end of the speech, he noted that he is pleased with the activity of students and will continue to communicate with students in the future.

The teaching staff of the department also took an active part, expressed their suggestions and wishes to the students.

Head of the Department Sh. Bakirova thanked A.A. Bolatova, M.E. Alibekova for the Organization of the event.

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