International Scientific and Practical conference of Young scientists

On November 22-23, the Central Asian Innovation University hosted the international scientific and Practical Conference of young scientists “Central Asian space of Higher Education: tasks and prospects of cooperation”. The event was held with the participation of young scientists, students and undergraduates of the University of Central Asia, young scientists from countries of near and far abroad, such as Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, etc. The main directions of the conference were the discussion of topical issues and trends in modern higher education in the Central Asian region, ways to solve them, promising areas of education and science, as well as strengthening cooperation with universities of near and far abroad.

The conference was opened by the rector of the University, Professor A. S. Azhidinov. At the plenary session of the Conference, vice – rector for educational and methodological work N. zh. Duysenov, professor of B. Osmonov Jalalabad State University, A. B. Karbekova (Kyrgyzstan) and vice-rector for science and international cooperation of our university Zh. s. Kazanbayeva made a welcoming speech and wished the conference participants success in their upcoming work.

At the plenary session, students and undergraduates of our university and participants from Turkey and Kyrgyzstan made informative and interesting reports. The conference program included 8 sections in the following areas: “pedagogy”; “languages and literature”; “Finance, Accounting and audit, tourism”; “NVP and Physical Culture”; “Technology and Information Technologies”, “Law”, “History of Kazakhstan and natural science”, “music, vocational training and design”. The total number of participants of the conference was more than 200 people, among whom not only students and undergraduates of higher educational institutions, but also students of general education schools and colleges took an active part, demonstrating the growing interest of students and young people in science. It should be noted that the meetings of the sections were held in an interactive mode and became a platform for discussions on the development of practical solutions to topical issues of modern education, the quality of student science, analysis and development of practical solutions.

Within the framework of the conference, a competition was traditionally held for the best scientific report of the plenary session. The report of Kadyrov Niyazbek, a student of Jalalabad State University named after B. Osmonov, on the topic “analysis of small and medium-sized businesses in the Jalal-Abad Region”, students of the Central Asian University Umarova Yu, Rehenberg A. “youth employment: analysis of problems and prospects for a successful career”, Orbas Askhat on the topic “civil regulation of sales” were especially noted. Rector of the University A. S. Azhidinov awarded the best reports of the participants of the breakout sessions of the conference with diplomas of 1.2 and 3 degrees.

It should be noted that the international scientific and Practical Conference of young scientists” Central Asian space of higher education: tasks and prospects of cooperation ” was organized by the efforts of young scientists of the University. After all, one of the main goals of youth education is the development of skills in managing and organizing scientific events.

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