Currently, the Central Asian Innovation University conducts interdisciplinary Olympiads for school graduates in the districts of the region.
Today, an Olympiad in geography was held for graduates of the Tolebi district. According to the established rules, the Olympiad consists of two stages. Only 38 graduates took part in this district and already at the II stage only 10 students remained in the composition. Darkhanbai Malika, a student of the K. Tynybekov school, took the second place, and Muratbek Karakat, a student of the Dikhankol school, took the third place. The first prize and the university grant for 4 years was won by a student of the 11th grade of the general secondary school «Kazygurt» — Ilyas Zhanniyet Yerdenkyzy. We thank the participants for their time.
We also thank the organizers of the Olympiad and note that similar events will be organized in other regions of the region in the near future.

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