Konakbayev Seidakhmet

Head of the Department, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Master of Sports in boxing, wrestling and Sambo

The department has more than 10 years of history. Training in the specialty 5B010800 — «Physical culture and sports» has been carried out since the 2005-2006 academic year, license series AAN 0000239, N506, issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 17.05.2005.
Currently, he is preparing a bachelor’s degree in the specialty «Physical Culture and Sports». Academic bachelor’s degree in the specialty»5B010800(5B01402) — Physical culture and sports». Our graduates can hold the following positions::

Teacher of physical culture and sports,
Coach of the chosen sport;
Instructor in travel agencies;
Fitness Manager;
Specialist in wellness work;
Sports dance coach.
A bachelor who has received a state diploma in the specialty «Physical culture and sports» can continue his knowledge in the specialty for 1 year-professional or 2-year–scientific pedagogical master’s degree.

One of the main indicators of the quality of general education is the quality of the currently used educational resources and the effective organization of the student support service. Therefore, the university administration pays special attention to providing all educational institutions with modern educational resources and organizing student support services that work to meet educational, personal and career needs.

The modern material and technical base of the university for students and teachers of the specialty 5B010800 – Physical culture and sports is equipped with: 2 academic buildings, classrooms, specialized laboratories, libraries, e-learning classrooms, computer classes, canteens and buffets, a medical center, gyms.

# Name of the C-defined index
1. Academic building 3
2. Electronic reading room 2
3. Dorm 1
4. Dining room and buffet 3
5. Sports halls 2
6. Medical center 3

Scientific works and awards

Scientific works and awards

The direction of the research work of the department «physical culture and sports»:»in a healthy body-a healthy mind.» In this area, the work of the teaching staff of the department is published in international scientific and practical conferences and foreign publications. The scientific work of the department is carried out according to the plan. The teaching staff of the department: monograph, textbook, textbooks, teaching materials, scientific articles published in domestic and foreign publications.

The teaching staff of the department is constantly improving its educational level, continuously engaged in research work, participates in national and international conferences, symposiums and sessions where the problems of education and upbringing are considered.

Sultanbek Zeynep won a chess ticket to the Philippines

The result of such kind deeds and care is that students and undergraduates who are currently studying and studying at the university achieve great success. In particular:

Inkarbek Baglan is the winner of the 2017 World Winter Games, Almaty 2017.
Arman Ospanov — three-time world champion in martial arts
Ergeshova Feruza Asian taekwondo champion, participant of the silver medal of the Olympic Games in London, Lithuania 2014, multiple winner of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Sadvakasov Nurdaulet — Asian Wrestling champion 2015, Antalya, multiple winner of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Karsybai Galymzhan — Asian Wrestling Champion 2015, Antalya, multiple winner of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Sultanbekov Daulet is an Asian rowing champion and an Olympic license holder in Rio de Janeiro.
Fayzollayeva Mayra is a bronze medalist of the Asian Weightlifting Championship 2015 in Thailand, a world-class athlete.
Timofey Yemelyanov, Winner of the Asian Rowing Championship, World Champion in 2016, Belarus, Asian Rowing Championship, 2018. Indonesia
Sergey Yemelyanov is a five-time World rowing champion, Belarus in 2016, Asian rowing champion in 2018. Indonesia
Nurenbek Samenov is the winner of the 2015 Universiade in weightlifting, Master of Sports.
Ashim Zayd, silver medalist of the Universiade 2015 in weightlifting, Master of Sports.
Aidak Tulkibek is a medalist of the RK Athletics Championship, candidate for Master of Sports.
Mukhiddinov Atabek is the winner of the Asian Powerlifting Championship 2016 in India, a master of sports of international class.
Dina Baurzhanovna is a silver medalist of the Asian Karate Championship, a master of sports.
Aktaev Talgat is a world-class wrestler, a world-class athlete.
Rustembek Talgatbek is a world champion in arm wrestling, a world-class athlete.
Aidarkhan Nurdaulet is a world champion in wrestling, a world-class athlete.
Bertman Beimenov is the silver medalist of the Asian Championship in hand-to-hand combat.
Seidulla Bekaidar is a bronze medalist of the Asian Wrestling Championship, a master of sports.
Baltabai Akmarzhan, 1st place at the Republican Games of the People’s Games, Aktau 2018
Almazy Sundu, 1st place at the Republican Games of the People’s Games, Aktau 2018
Askarov Nurlybek, winner of the World Nomad Games, Kyrgyzstan
Ashen Beksultan Mukhituly, winner of the Youth Championship of Kazakhstan, Aksai, Uralsk.

Many students of the specialty physical culture and sports defend the honor of the country by participating in the championships of Kazakhstan, Asia, World Championships, Olympic Games.

The founders of the university always contribute to the achievement of our athletes who successfully defend the honor and dignity of the country, the university. In other words, masters of sports of international class receive discounts of 100%, and masters of sports of Kazakhstan — 70-50%. In addition, students of orphanages, semi-orphans and children from large families receive discounts on their level. Also, a student from the university Inkarbek Baglan, who recently won the XXVII Winter Universiade in Almaty, won 1 million out of his pocket. tenge interest.

Sports clubs have been created at the Department of Physical Culture and Sports to increase students’ interest in the profession. Students of all specialties of the university take part in the circle. The teachers of the department were appointed leaders of the circle and a plan of the circle was drawn up.

# Types of circles Number of participants Number of coaches
1 Volleyball 21 1
2 Basketball 16 1
3 Handball 14 1
4 Togyz kumalak 12 1
5 Chess, checkers 18 1
6 Table tennis 17 1
7 Football 15 1

To ensure high-quality practice , students conclude contracts with the following educational organizations:

No. Name of the training base Number of contracts
1 Secondary school No. 49 2
2 Gymnasium No. 64 named after Z.Aimautova 2
3 Secondary school No. 58 2
4 Secondary school No. 6 named after J. Balasagun 1
5 Secondary school No. 72 2
6 Moldavian secondary School No. 5 named after Moses 2
7 Mu kemskaya secondary school No. 13 2
8 Secondary school No. 14 named after Aibek 2
9 Secondary School No. 22 named after Korkyt Ata 2
10 Secondary school No. 83 2