Languages and literature

Bakirova Sholpan Abdikerimova, Candidate Of Philological Sciences, Head Of The Department, Shymkent City, Madeli Kozha Street-137, CAIU Kaf_fil.Ukgi@Mail.Ru

The International Humanitarian and Technical Institute at the Central Asian Innovation University is one of the oldest universities. The development, economic flourishing of modern society, quality of life, national security are determined by the state of education, the development of science, the effectiveness of the practical use of the results of scientific research. In the modern world, the value of education and science, along with the recognition of the general public, is among the spiritual treasures of humanity as a whole. The university’s special mission is to integrate science and education, which will become the basis for the dynamic development of society. In this regard, the university is considered as examples of serving the ideals of education, science and enlightenment, the realization of intellectual freedom, a significant contribution to the sustainable development of the state and society, the upbringing of the younger generation.

The department maintains a consistently high level and fundamental nature of university education, continuing the traditions of classical universities. The department trains bachelors in four specialties: 6B01702 — Training of teachers of Russian language and literature;

6B01704 — Kazakh language and literature;
6B01705 — Foreign language: two foreign languages;
6B01706 — Russian language and literature in schools with a non-Russian language of instruction;
6B02303 — Translation business;

masters in three specialties:

7M01701 — Kazakh language and literature;
7M01702 — Shetel tili: eki shetel tili
7M01703 — Russian language and literature.

34 teaching staff work at the Department of Languages and Literature in the 2021-2022 academic year. Including Doctor of Sciences — 1, professor — 2, candidates of sciences — 9, associate professor — 4, senior teachers — 6, masters, senior teachers — 7, master teachers — 3, on the basis of dual education of teachers -2. The number of teaching staff with academic degrees and titles was 50%. The average age of teachers with academic degrees and titles is 45 years.

Professional practice is aimed at consolidating, deepening the theoretical training of students and mastering their practical skills and competencies in the field of professional activity, as well as gaining experience in independent professional activity. The purpose of the practice is the comprehensive development of students of all types of professional activities, the formation of general and professional competencies, as well as the acquisition of knowledge and experience of practical work necessary in the specialty.

The purpose of pedagogical practice is to consolidate and deepen knowledge in general scientific, cultural, psychological, pedagogical, methodological and special disciplines, as well as the formation of pedagogical abilities, skills and competencies based on theoretical knowledge. Professional practice is a mandatory component of the higher education curriculum. The practice is divided into the following types:

Educational (introductory) practice;

Pedagogical practice;

Professional practice.

The purpose of the educational (introductory) practice of students of higher educational institutions is:

mastering the initial professional competencies, including the consolidation and deepening of theoretical knowledge acquired in the course of training, obtaining the first skills of research activity, the ability to conduct business negotiations, mastering practical abilities and work skills in accordance with the specialty of training.

At different stages of training, the goals and objectives of the practice differ from each other, although they are organically interrelated with other forms of training. The types and terms of practices are set by the standards of training of specialties, curricula, academic calendar, and the content – by the work programs of practice developed by departments.

The Department has concluded Master ‘s degree contracts with the following educational institutions:

Shymkent University;
Peoples’ Friendship University named after Academician A. Kuatbekov;
M. Auezov atyndagy KR BGM» Ontustik Kazakhstan University KEAK humanitarian gylym-zertteu institutyn «Abaytanu» gylym ortalygy». / Scientific Center «Abaytanu» of the Humanitarian Research Institute of the NAO «South Kazakhstan University «MES RK named after M. Auezov».
M. H. A. Yasavi International Kazakh-Turkish University.
5. «KEAK M. Auezov atyndagi Ontustik Kazakhstan University. KR BGM»/ MKDOU South Kazakhstan University named after M. Auezov. MES RK»
KAZ-TIL DAMU Training Center».
Scientific Research Institute «Abai Studies».
Shymkent kalasy madeniyet, tilderdi damytu zhane archivter baskarmasyn «Shymkent kalalyk tilderdi okytu-adistemelik ortalygy» KMM./ KSU «Educational and Methodological Center of languages of the city of Shymkent» Department of Culture, development of languages and archives of the city of Shymkent.

Contracts were concluded with the bases of professional practice of the bachelor’s degree:

General Secondary School No. 37 named after Furkat of Shymkent;
Gymnasium No. 38 named after N. Ondasynov;
General secondary School No. 17 named after M. Lermontov;
Gymnasium «Torzhan»;
Lyceum school No. 15 named after D. Mendeleev;
Gymnasium No. 65 named after Y.Altynsarina;
General secondary School No. 64 named after Zh. Aimautov.

The department faces many tasks, such as collecting scientific and material base for high-quality education of modern students. The department is provided with textbooks, educational and methodological literature, specialized classrooms, language labs, interactive whiteboards, and modern conditions have been created for students to receive high-quality education.

In 2020, a 3rd–year student of the specialty 5B011700 — «Kazakh language and literature» Kamaldin Gulshakhar Myrzagalievna was awarded a diploma of the II degree at the international Olympiad in Kazakh language and literature among students, the supervisor of the teacher Dauletalieva D.M. was awarded a letter of thanks for preparing the winners of the International Olympiad in Kazakh language and literature among students.

Educational programs taught at the Department of Languages and Literature:

6B01704 Kazakh language and literature
6B01702 Russian language and literature
6B01705 Foreign language: two foreign languages
6B01706-Russian language and literature in schools with a non-Russian language of instruction
6B02301 Translation business
7M01701 Kazakh language and literature
7M01702 Foreign language: two foreign languages of science
7M01703 Russian language and literature

Full namePostAcademic degree
6В01704 —Kazakh language and literature  
1Doszhan R.senior
3Bakirova Sh.A.head of
4Zhakipbekov B.A.senior
5Kalybekov B.E.senior
6Toktagul B.S.senior
7Dauletaliyeva D.M.senior teacher 
8Salykbaeva G.M.senior teacher 
6В01703- Training of teachers of the Russian language and literature
2Dzhaksylykova F.docentc.p.s.
3Guseinova В.М.docentc.p.s.
4Dlimbetova B.S.senior teacherc.p.s.
5Aliyeva G.A.senior
6Dushanova К.А.senior teacher 
7Zakirova G.F.senior teacher 
8Azhibekova G.О.senior teacher 
9Аidarbekova А.А.senior teacher 
10Tazhibaeva Zh .Sh.senior teacher 
11Burkhanova E.T.teacher 
6В01705 —Foreign language:two foreign languages
2Ossymova G.U.teachermaster
3Meiirbek N.K.senior teachermaster
4Umirzakova A.S.senior teachermaster
4Izbassarova A.teachermaster
6Korpeshova S.Zh.teacher 
7Tomarbaeva S.senior teachermaster
7М01702- Foreign language:two foreign languages 
1Osmanova R.А.senior
2Zhumabekov А.senior teacherc.p.s.
3Kerimbaev А.Е.senior
4Erekhanova F.senior
5Tursynova T.Zh.senior teachermaster
6Bolatova А.А.senior teachermaster
7Аlibekova М.E.senior teachermaster
8Shoimanova М.B.senior
9Zhorabekova А.N.professorPhD

At the Department of Languages and Literature of the Central Asian Innovation University, measures were taken to develop priority areas in the implementation of educational activities: education of Kazakhstani patriotism, implementation of the national idea «Mangilik El», the idea of a «unified labor society», education of modern spiritual and moral values, prevention of religious extremism and terrorism, education of zero tolerance for corruption offenses, improvement of civil culture and healthy lifestyle, etc., in the interests of youth organizations and associations.

Providing assistance in the high-quality organization of educational events; conducting educational events with a large number of teachers in extracurricular educational activities and social protection of students, holding meetings, round tables, conversations, educational events on topical issues of youth with students, holding solemn, cultural and socially significant events. The teachers of the department also carried out activities according to the plan within the time limits set for them. In particular:

On 15.11.2020, active students of the SHT-01 group took part in the educational hour on the topic «The Trinity of languages-the future of the nation». The educational hour was held online on the ZOOM platform. The students discussed the issues of trilingualism in detail and shared their opinions.

At the educational hour, a video was shown, a video clip depicting the outstanding career of the first president of a sovereign country, N.A. Nazarbayev.

Vector questions were also played among the students, some questions were asked about the life of Elbasy. The educational hour went according to plan.

The action » Tagdyr» was timed to the holiday » December 1 — the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan».History.Personality » an open educational hour was held.The purpose of the educational hour is to convey to all of us that on the basis of the Rouhani Zhangyru program, the firmness of the positions of the independence of K.R. and the integrity of the country are the basis of the balanced policy of Elbasy, the first president of a sovereign country N.A. Nazarbayev.

Propaganda of student youth that Kazakhstan is a single land, a single people, a single future, throughout his adult life, the head of state N.A.Nazarbayev worked with selfless labor in the name of a happy life, a long perspective of the people of Kazakhstan. At the educational hour, a video was shown, a video clip depicting the outstanding career of the first president of a sovereign country, N.A. Nazarbayev.

The educational hour was attended by the vice-rector for educational Work, Mr. Haidarov, head of the department, mentors of groups.

On December 15, explanatory and informational work was carried out with representatives of the Department of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption in the Turkestan region about the course of the session, cooperation in joint anti-corruption among students.

The educational hour with groups of mentors on the theme «December 16 – Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan», zuum held in an online format.


In April, an open lesson of students of the Department of Languages «Zhyr Alaba — Zhambyl» was held, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Zhambyl Zhabayev. Zhambyl remembered poems, proverbs, commandments and told about his work. Dzhambul remembered the touching songs and deep words of his grandfather .The open lesson was attended by active students and teachers of the department «languages». In memory of the male name, about the country, students read the poems of Dzhambul atamyz in honor of Zhambyl.

Defender of the Fatherland Day and Victory Day are celebrated in May. The Day of the Great Victory is a whole country of heroes who gave their lives for the country and the land, who did not return to their relatives, friends, relatives, relatives and friends. The Great Patriotic War was the hardest for our people. For four years, 1418 days and nights, students read poems, remembering our heroes who fell in a brutal war for their land and Homeland, for the future generation.

Within the framework of the Week of Languages, senior teacher Azhibekova Gulnara Olzhabayevna held an open educational hour for students of the group FROM -01.21 «Consonance of the Muses». The educational hour is dedicated to the works of the great Kazakh poet Abai and poet A. S. Pushkin.