Information Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office is a service that registers the entire history of the student’s academic achievements. Department — determines the order of students’ education at the CAIU according to the credit system of education, and regulates the procedure for registering students to attend training sessions, conducting boundary and final control, intermediate and final state certification, assessment of students’ knowledge, etc. The work of the registrar’s office is coordinated with the activities of deans, departments, the department of the educational process and other structural units of the Institute involved in the organization of the educational process. The Registrar’s office solves the issues of registration of students for academic disciplines, organization and planning of control measures for all forms of training in accordance with the academic calendar and curricula.
Office registration works according to approved nomenclature documents. Office registration is connected to all structural departments of the Mardan Saparbayev Institute. On the basis of scientific and innovative news to develop the course of training. During the training, be connected by departments, give methodological advice. In the course of being associated with the tutor of the discipline and the advisors of the specialties.
— Plan and organize the course of training.
— Monitor the preparation of students.
— To organize boundary, current control and conduct.
— Organize exams and conduct.
— Organize a summer semester and conduct.
Academic achievements of students (students) in all types of academic assignments and assignments are evaluated according to the point-rating letter system of knowledge assessment in accordance with the state mandatory standard of education for the control and evaluation of knowledge in universities, with translation into the traditional scale of assessments.
The current control of students’ progress is a systematic examination of students’ knowledge in accordance with the professional curriculum, conducted by the teacher in classroom and extracurricular classes according to the schedule during the academic period. With the current monitoring of academic performance, students’ academic achievements are evaluated on a 100-point scale for each completed task.
Intermediate certification of students is a procedure carried out in order to assess the quality of mastering by students the content of part or the entire volume of one academic discipline after completing its study. Intermediate certification of students is carried out in the form of passing an exam.
Final certification of students is a procedure carried out in order to determine the degree to which they master the scope of academic disciplines provided for by the state mandatory standard of education. It is conducted in the form of defending theses / projects and passing state exams.
In the Institute of Mardan Saparbayev, the assessment of the current progress control (admission rating) is 60% of the final assessment of knowledge in the discipline, and the assessment of the exam is 40% of the final assessment of knowledge in the discipline.