Educational hour on the topic: «Religion is the spiritual support of education»

Educational hour on the topic: «Religion is the spiritual support of education»
Our goal is to introduce students to spiritual education, morality, preservation of spiritual purity, promotion of the viability of the Muslim religion and Islam. It is necessary to instill love for one’s religion.
The meeting was held by: Chief Imam Mishita of Kutarys rural district: Mr. Arystan Ospanov, religious scholar: Mr. Dosbolganov Zhanibek with the assistance of Dean of the Faculty of Humanities Abdikerimova Ainur.
The conversation focused on the fact that all religions on earth are based on such higher values as peace, grace, justice. Religion is an integral part of human history and culture.
Everyone should be able to correctly distinguish religion from religious extremism and terrorism. To do this, everyone needs to be religiously literate.
The great Kazakh poet Abai is a man who has reached a high level of spiritual literacy, he conveyed to the people that «The Koran is full of good deeds,» the poet said, referring to the values of Islam, deep education in it. And all this should be well known to the Kazakh.
Islam is a Muslim duty to call people to good, to avoid evil, to fight for the good and loyalty to humanity.

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