Dear Murat Zhurinovich!

On behalf of the staff of the Central Asian Innovation University, we cordially congratulate you on your 80th birthday.
We respect you as a professional qualified organizer who has made a significant contribution to the development and improvement of the education system of our sovereign country.
The International Kazakh-Turkish University, built under your leadership, which makes bold, skillful decisions when it comes to implementing its idea, today has a special status known to the entire Turkic world. Possessing great creative potential, intelligence, solid reputation and organizational skills, we know that in addition to the positions of the first rector of an International University, director of a Research Institute, Minister of Education, you work on more than 700 scientific papers, about 20 monographic studies and more than 100 certificates and patents. In addition, your contribution to the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel is one of the conversations. About forty doctoral and PhD theses were headed by young people who are passionate about science.

In the context of the need for great efforts to modernize the education and science system of independent Kazakhstan, successfully mastering the world educational trends, you have come close to modernizing the education and science system.Yours: «the destruction of a nation begins with the collapse of science», «Education and science are one – «science is always looking for the truth», «in order for science to develop, we must first purify ourselves», «no state will grow without science», «there will be no future in society without science» -as always, looking at your words in an interview with representatives of the mass media of our country, we receive perfect knowledge, scientific wisdom from a scientist.

Dear Murat Zhurinovich!
I congratulate you on your 80th anniversary and wish you success in your work in the field of education, health, well-being, well-being and happiness to your family.

With best wishes:

Rector of the Central Asian Innovation University,

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor A.S.Azhidinov

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