A number of teachers of the Central Asian Innovation University last week published three articles in journals included in the international database Scopus. In this regard, we congratulate the authors of scientific articles on their success. We sincerely wish them creative success on the scientific path in the future!

  1. Formation of students’ communicative competence through game technology.

Baibekov  Yerubay

Central  Asian  Innovative  University,  Doctor  of  Agricultural  Sciences,  Baytursynova  80  Shymkent,


Berdaliyeva Akmaral

Central Asian Innovative University, Baytursynova 80, Shymkent, Kazakhstan,

  1. Scientific and pedagogical bases of teaching values to future


Dauletaliyeva Dinara

 Academician A.Kuatbekov Peoples’ Friendship University,  Tole bi street 32,  Shymkent,  Kazakhstan

Duissenov Nurzak

 Central-Asian Innovation University, Candidate of technical sciences, st. A. Baitursynova 80, Shymkent, Kazakhstan

Toktagul  Bikamal

 Central-Asian  Innovation  University ,  Candidate  of  philological  Sciences,  st.  A.  Baitursynova  80, Shymkent, Kazakhstan

Kylyshbaeva  Gulnar

Central-Asian  Innovation  University,  Candidate  of  Agricultural  Sciences  st.  A.  Baitursynova  80, Shymkent, Kazakhstan 0002- 9127- 065

  1. Students’ Attitudes Towards Mobile Learning

Akmaral Berdaliyeva

Central Asian Innovation University, Shymkent, Kazakhstan

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