A special meeting was held to explain the upcoming referendum

Today, the Central Asian Innovation University hosted a special meeting to explain the referendum. The meeting was attended by Deputy of the city maslikhat Kuandyk Sultangali Nurlybayuly and head of the Project Office of Rukhani zhangyru in Shymkent-Oralbayeva Zaure, as well as the staff and students of the University.
During the meeting, the head of the Project Office of Ruhani zhangyru noted that holding a referendum is the next stage of political development, through the referendum the transition to a new system of interaction between the state and society will be carried out.
Also, maslikhat deputy Sultangali Nurlybayuly supported the amendments to the Constitution — the Basic Law of the country, which will contribute to a positive change in the country, and called on the participants of the meeting to take an active part in the campaign on an important day.

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