Debate tournament dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan

December 17-18 at the Central Asian Innovation University in honor of the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan and in order to summarize the 5-year IPC Rhetoric
He organized an open regional Debate Tournament “New world-New Kazakhstan”. According to the results of turinir, the results are as follows:
It should be noted that he was the chief judge in this tournament
Zhanglisova Zhanerke Agylbayevna.
1st place
Asanov Gani
Kudaibergen Ulzhalgas
2nd place
Zhorabek Sultan
Aida Nurlybekovna
3rd place
Yesengeldy Zhasulan
Kambarbek Nauryzbek
3rd place
“I Don’t Know,” He Said.
Kyrykbay Talant
“Best speaker”
Amirov Akanser
“Best speaker”
Seilbek Akarys
“Best judge”
Abdikadir Nursara
“Best judge”
Adilova Sandugash
“Best faction”
Amantayova Aidana
Asykbay Aruzhan
“Best attempt”
Otegen Simbat
Akbota Virgo
“The best delagation”
Otrar college, Zhalyndy zhastar club
“Tournament star”
Zhaubasarov Elaman
“Best intelligence”
Duisenkhan Gulnaz

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