A meeting dedicated to a healthy lifestyle

On October 18, 2022, at 11:00, a meeting was held at the Central Asian Innovation University with the participation of specialists in a special field for the Prevention of drug addiction, alcoholism and HIV/AIDS among young people and the involvement of young people in sports. The moderator of the meeting was kalmurzayeva Aizharkyn, a specialist of the KSU “Youth Resource Center” of the general staff for internal policy and Youth Affairs of Shymkent, a specialist of the Center for AIDS prevention and control –
Zhurgenbaeva Nazira, narcologist psychiatrist of the mental health center of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan-Korganbaeva Karlygash, operational Commissioner of the Office for countering drug crime of the Police Department of the city of Shymkent police lieutenant colonel-Sembayev Nurlan, Sergali-Turkestan RKB, project coordinator-Obutaliyev Yerzhan, coach of the Higher School of sportsmanship No. 3 of the city of Shymkent –
Nurbayev Yerlan, 2 – time champion of the Republic of Kazakhstan, silver medalist of the World Championship in the Czech Republic-Karlovy Vary –
Alzhanov Beksultan Begzhanovich, specialist of the Institute of Public Health –
Moldabayeva Aizhan Madikhanovna and more than 100 students took part. During the meeting, specialists of special industries read their prepared reports and conducted explanatory work. They distributed special advertising papers containing measures to prevent AIDS, conducted questions and answers.
A 15-minute refreshment” the first wealth is health ” was conducted by students in the Open Day column.
Nazira Zhurgenbaeva, a specialist of the Center for AIDS prevention and control, made an anonymous analysis of HIV/AIDS among students, which is ready in 15 minutes.

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