Intellectual project “Mega mozg”

On October 8 this year, the intellectual project “Mega Mozg” was organized by the Youth Committee of the Central Asian Innovation University and the “committee of Education and science” of the Organization “student self-government”. About 70 students took part in the project. The intellectual game consisted of 4 stages:
First selection-at the first stage, students passed a test consisting of 20 questions in their current specialty and academic disciplines.
In the 2nd Luğat competition, participants wrote dictation from words with a high probability of making spelling mistakes.
In the TimeMan stage 3, the student was given only 1 minute, during which he answered 10 questions that belonged to him using time.
Stage 4 Eureka-earn additional points by answering world and interesting questions by choosing a cell.
Several intellectual games were played in the project. Students who were active in the game and excelled in the game won prizes. Thus, the first place was awarded to Tolegen Asemay, the second place was awarded to Karim Aruzhan, and the third place was awarded to Alimkhan aybin.
The purpose of the project: to gain experience and develop competition among students of the Central Asian Innovation University,improving their knowledge.

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