“Day of Languages of the People of Kazakhstan”

At the end of the week, the closing ceremony of the decade “Day of Languages of the People of Kazakhstan” was held, organized by the Central Asian Innovation University, the Department of Languages and Literature. These events were organized specifically for the language holiday. During the decade, students held several large-scale events. On September 14, in honor of the Day of Languages of the People of Kazakhstan, a literary and educational, musical evening “Til–halyk Murasy” was organized with students in Kazakh, Russian, English languages. In the evening, the students of the 1.2 course read poems, sang songs, danced in Kazakh, Russian, and English. On 22.09.2022, an informative, entertaining Victorian competition “Be strong, find” was organized. According to the rules of this game, among the students, divided into groups, there were competitions in proverbs, sayings, reflections on the language. At the closing ceremony, the students demonstrated the dignity of the language. They presented dishes of multinational cuisine of Kazakhstan, demonstrated samples of national clothes. At the end of the event, the organizing board awarded the active students with special letters of thanks.

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