September 1 knowledge day

Dear teachers and staff of the university! Dear our students! Please accept my sincere congratulations on the Day of Knowledge and the beginning of the new academic year!
September 1 is a significant day for everyone. Yesterday’s applicants become students, a new universe opens up before them – a world of new knowledge. I thank the first-year students for their trust and the right choice! To enroll in the CAIU means to secure a secure future, to become a sought–after specialist. Our university provides ample opportunities for personal development, and it depends on you whether your student life will be bright, exciting and useful.
Addressing senior students who have already overcome the first obstacles, I want to wish them to continue to be successful in their studies, science, sports, creativity and work! Do not waste precious time – you will have to achieve self-realization in a high-tech and competitive world!
Today, CAIU introduces modern forms and innovative methods in teaching. Our university aims to provide students with high-quality, and, most importantly, relevant knowledge. The successful implementation of such programs is largely the result of the fruitful activities of the university’s management and teaching staff – active, initiative, creative people. May your high professional competence and diligence always help you in your work.
The invaluable experience of teachers and the inquisitive mind of students will form the basis for the further development of our university.
I sincerely wish that the path to knowledge makes each of us better, and our life more interesting and diverse, so that thanks to the knowledge we have received, each of us can achieve success and benefit our country.
I congratulate everyone once again on the beginning of the school year and wish that it will make everyone closer to the realization of their dreams!

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